Where’s My Social Ad Support?

What to do about declining social ad support

If you’re not new to social ads, you’ve probably noticed a decline in ad support.

First, Facebook removed your ability to call in. Next, it disabled the chat function – the chat function made it possible for you to reach out to a Facebook representative who could answer your questions, and help you troubleshoot your account. Now your only course of action is to submit a support ticket to receive an email or phone call response in 24 hours.

Twitter historically offered better ad support, with an account representative and support option. However, Twitter has also disabled the chat function and for the most part eliminated your ability to submit support tickets.

The industry has shifted to a “help forum” model, where advertisers must hunt for the answers to their questions by browsing through countless “help” articles.

While eliminating ad support may reduce the employee count, and the bottom line, it does make it very difficult for new advertisers to build strong, successful campaigns on social platforms.

Experienced social ad campaign managers are more important than ever before.

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admin February 8, 2017 0 Comments