Reduce Remarketing CPAs – Adwords Interest Targeting

The argument for remarketing is clear – you can’t afford to give up on qualified traffic because it didn’t convert – but how do you optimize and keep the cost per lead/sale down?

If you’ve created a highly targeted Adwords campaign you should be seeing site visits from your target audience, yet many of these visitors don’t convert. Visitors leave without converting for a variety of reasons – no budget, wrong timing, need more information, comparison shopping, etc.

Remarketing gives you the ability to follow your prospective clients/customers across the web building brand and product recognition and trust.

While there’s little doubt remarketing provides value, it can be challenging to meet target CPAs and see positive ROI from a strict lead generation prospective.

To increase the likelihood of conversion, it’s important to create segmented lists and add layers of targeting.

With Adwords remarketing you can create a custom audience campaign. By targeting by Interests & Remarketing you can target those people who Google had determined are searching for your products or services. This is great for expanding your reach and target audience while keeping quality of traffic (intent) high.

Once you have established your area of interest, you can optimize your campaign further by targeting display keywords, placements, topics and demographics.

Remarketing CPCs are often much lower than traditional Adwords CPCs. You can recapture your audience for a relatively low cost per click, but to increase conversions you’ll need a highly targeted campaign.

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