AdWords Quality Score Tips

Your Quality Score & How to Increase It

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When setting up a search marketing campaign the focus is often on establishing keyword lists and ad copy, but one key metric is often either forgotten about or misunderstood. Even those who are new to search marketing understand that your quality score is important, but many don’t know why. Even fewer people really understand how Read More …

landing page optimization tips

Landing Page Optimization

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What’s Wrong With My Landing Page? “Your landing page is amazing, it’s perfect in every way. There’s nothing you need to change about your pay per click landing page,” is something no SEM expert said (or should say) ever. Hi, I’m your pay per click advertiser and I’m here to aggravate you all the way to Read More …

get social media ad support

Where’s My Social Ad Support?

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What to do about declining social ad support If you’re not new to social ads, you’ve probably noticed a decline in ad support. First, Facebook removed your ability to call in. Next, it disabled the chat function – the chat function made it possible for you to reach out to a Facebook representative who could Read More …