Twitter ad campaign management

Why Businesses Still Need Twitter

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Your Business Needs Twitter It’s hard to miss articles about Twitter’s troubles, and its decline in usership. If your a marketer you may be considering rethinking your social strategy, but to discount Twitter’s capabilities would be a mistake. The Trouble Facebook was an easy transition for Myspace users who already knew how to upload pictures and Read More …

AdWords Ads Not Showing

Your Ads Aren’t Showing

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Adwords Optimization & Keyword Diagnosis A lot goes into launching and optimizing an Adwords campaign. We conduct extensive keyword research and build large lists, test ad copy, optimize landing pages and customize our settings to create highly targeted campaigns. In addition to keyword research, SEM or PPC optimization requires the building of negative keyword lists. Read More …

funnel based marketing

Funnel Based Marketing

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You’ve set up a highly targeted lead generation campaign, but you can’t seem to get people to fill out your form. One of the more frustrating aspects of SEM, is reviewing search terms only to find that people are searching relevant phrases, clicking then bouncing from your landing page without filling out the form. Why are they bouncing? Read More …

search and display marketing campaign tips

Search vs. Display – Which is Right for You

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As a media buyer , I run many different types of ad campaigns for clients. Every vertical or industry requires a degree of specialized marketing strategy; however, you will find that many platforms perform the same regardless of the industry. In my years of Digital Marketing I have found that Display Marketing seldom yields a significant return on investment Read More …